Siloe Wellness Center

La Mision, BC Mexico

About Siloe

Siloé Ministries (pronounced SIL-oh-ay) is a 501c3 Christian organization that provides free medical care and health education in La Mision, Baja California and other poor communities in Mexico. Siloé’s goals are simple: (1) provide needy families with health education, (2) free medical/dental care, and (3) spiritual support and Christian counseling. Their patients range from newborn to the elderly with ailments that include diabetes, acute infections, hypertension, dermatological conditions, and everything in between! Siloé provides pre- and post-natal care while educating new mothers about infant care, safety, and nutrition. Siloé desires to see wholeness in the lives of the people and community that they serve. They encourage their patients to make healthy lifestyle choices, and guide them toward authentic relationships with Jesus.

“Siloé” is Spanish for “Siloam,” a reference to the Pool of Siloam where Jesus sent the blind man to wash his eyes after rubbing mud into them (John 9). The man was healed, and the Pharisees were furious. They questioned the man repeatedly about who Jesus was, and on what authority he had healed him. The healed man was confused (and probably annoyed) by their barrage of questions, and replied with a simple yet profound statement: “Whether He is a sinner or not I do not know. One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.” The name “Siloé ” was chosen because of the ministry’s focus on health and healing. Yet at a deeper level, Siloé recognizes that what their patients really need–and what every one of us needs–is to encounter Jesus Christ and be changed by Him. The ministry is medical in nature, and does everything it can to provide the best care for their patients. Siloé  knows that the Lord can not only heal in an instant, but can transform broken lives and make them whole again. The ministry wants their patients and the local community to reach optimal physical health, but also have their spiritual eyes opened and to be able to say, “Though I was blind, now I see.”

The ministry was founded in 2008 by Brendan and Sarah Mayer, who relocated from Southern California to begin a lifelong commitment with their young family to serve the people of La Mision and Baja. STM was first introduced to the couple in 2010, through our Baja Survival Needs Project. That relationship started with supplying some medicines and supplies, along with medical professional volunteers who would serve at their free community clinic. Siloé’s clinic as it exists today is two “bedroom sized” rooms afforded to them by their local church, from which they serve over half of the town, more than 1,800 patients annually in a town populated by 3,500 residents. The “waiting room” for patients is currently a wooden church pew sitting outside in the parking lot. Several years ago it became apparent that expansion was needed to properly handle the patient population (which comes from as far away as Tecate and Tijuana) and volunteer medical staff, along with meeting the multi faceted community needs that Siloé’s vision included.

The Project

Wellness Center rendering

In June of 2015, following a 3-year search for property, a suitable property was located and purchased by the ministry in the heart of the community. It was at this time Strong Tower Ministries came along side Siloé to partner with them in the construction of a fully operational community wellness center. This facility will consist of medical/dental examination rooms, a procedure room, patient waiting area, staff offices, a prayer and counseling room, multi-purpose community room & outdoor lawn area, housing for visiting medical professionals and their families as well as long-term volunteers, and an outdoor second story terrace. Future expansion includes a playground and community garden areas on the property.

Construction began in late 2015, with the work being accomplished through financial donations, volunteer labor, and donated materials. This is an excellent opportunity for skilled and unskilled groups alike to become involved in 1-day, overnight, and week long trips through STM. Individuals, families, youth groups, and company co-workers are all invited to be a part of making this dream a reality.

For more information about Siloé and this project, please contact Andrew @ 714-614-5877 or You can also go to

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