Purple Palace

Tijuana, BC Mexico


The Purple Palace Project was Strong Tower Ministries “Pilot Project”. The Purple Palace is an orphanage that is directed by a Christian missionary couple, Tyler and Connie Youngkin, who have spent the last six years rescuing children from the streets of Tijuana, giving them food, shelter, schooling, and a chance to experience the love of Christ. Although the orphanage is just a short 15 minute walk from the Tijuana border, it is located in the “red light” district of Tijuana where prostitution is legal along with extreme violence, drug addiction, corruption, and crime that runs ramped. Most of the children run the streets at night in the fear of being raped or violated and they are dirty, hungry, confused, and scared for their lives.

The children at the orphanage attend public school, have Bible studies regularly and pray together as a family before each meal. These children who were once depressed, hopeless, and terrified now, by the power of the Holy Spirit, have been restored. They live in renewed peace, confidence, hope, joy, and are now planted in their eternal salvation with Jesus Christ.

Strong Tower Ministries partnered with the Youngkins in January 2006 to facilitate the building of a new home for the children. At that time, the Youngkins were operating two orphanages “El Pozo” and “El Pozito” prior to this. The orphanages did not provide adequate housing for the number of children and staff present. In addition, many more children where being forced to remain on the streets because of the overcrowded conditions.

But a solution to the problem was found. An abandoned commercial warehouse was located in the downtown Tijuana area. Through prayer and the efforts of many individuals, the building was leased and construction began in April 2006. Throughout the summer construction continued, with hundreds of volunteers donating their time and money to make this dream a reality. On September 30th, 2006 Phase 1 of the building project was completed, allowing the children to move into their new home. On Christmas Eve of 2006 Phase 2 was completed, allowing the boys to move into their new dormitory area. And on May 12, 2007 a Grand Opening Ceremony took place that marked the end to the construction phase of the project. The Purple Palace continued to provide a home and safe haven for over 90+ children until December of 2009. It was at this time the children of the Purple Palace were forced to re-locate to the Las Playas area of Tijuana where they currently live under the name NiƱo’s de la Promesa. Connie and Tyler Youngkin continue to rescue children from the streets of Zona Norte and one day soon wish to purchase land on which to build a permanent home for their ministry.

For further information about Ninos’s de la Promesa contact us at 800.619.5315 or email Tyler and Connie at